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Overgrown brush at shut down Rocklin golf course is fire threat

Brady Campbell's home ignores exactly what utilized to be the Rocklin Golf Club. In the 10 months since it closed, Campbell said his yard has actually become indistinguishable.

It’s a shame they let it go this far this rapidly, Campbell said. It's ended up being a risk and an eyesore.

The course closed in 2014 after the city rejected a plan to build homes. Rocklin offered the golf club owner till June 1 to clear the location. The only modification citizens have actually seen is a wooden fence increasing on the border of the course.

Campbell's greatest concern is the excess plant life that has overgrown to replace the when well-manicured greens.

"Now that it's closed, individuals walk through here, Cambell stated. A cigarette will light this whole thing up.

At one point, Campbell fed up with the overgrowth and his senior dad cut and cleared a portion of the course by themselves time.

"None of this was done by the golf course, all this was done by the Campbell Family and our neighbors, Cambell said.

Brian Campbell, Brady Campbell s bro, lives down the street and said he's fed up.

It’s a huge fire risk for a step that's supposed to be creating fire safety and it doesn't block off the golf course so it's basically an eyesore, Brian Campbell stated.

The owner of the golf course had no remark about the local’s issues.

The Rocklin Fire Department stated the fire threat at the course is no higher than at any other open land in the city.

The interim chief has actually been in talks with the owner about a fire protection strategy.

"It will require a 30-foot space to be cut around the perimeter of the golf course properties, Interim Fire Chief Kurt Snyder explained.

Locals said up until that occurs, they'll do exactly what they can to defend their houses as the mercury continues to increase.

"It's a disaster, Brady Campebll stated. I utilized to play out here as a kid all the time. I would just love for it to be preserved.”